Christina Lauer Freelance Graphic & Web Designer


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“A designer is someone who constructs while he thinks, someone for whom planning and making go together.”

John Maeda, Designer / Scientist


I grew up in Hamburg, Germany where I studied Visual Communications at the Academy of Fine Arts. In 2005 I moved to Brisbane, Australia, where I didn’t pursue my first passion, photography, but landed a job as a graphic designer – first for a magazine publisher, then a small branding studio. Life was good. I had money in my pocket and my work didn’t interfere with my personal life. In 2008 I relocated to Vancouver, Canada, where I started my own freelance business, working directly with businesses and other freelance professionals.


I have never looked back.


I live in Copenhagen now and I’m still freelancing exclusively. I can’t draw the line between personal life and work anymore, but I see this as a blessing, not a curse. I identify with the work I create with my clients & collaborators, who for some reason more often than not become friends. Working solo also allows me to dip into a large community of professional experts who I’m always excited to work with. I believe great people are the key to great work.


I feel at home with my international family of collaborators, clients & friends that I connected with over the past 12 years. Want to be part of it? Write me an email and I write you back.

I dESIGN: Brands & digital products. This includes websites of all kinds, apps, logos, stationery, publications, visual content for social media and other marketing materials. I’m deeply interested in user experience design.


Design is: A way to connect in everyday life.


I value: Honesty, grit, and authenticity.


I enjoy working with: Passionate people who are experts in their field and who don’t mind working hard to make ideas happen  – without taking themselves too seriously.


I’m proud of: Being able to keep that designer ego in check.


I’m good at: Figuring things out. And then make them look good.


IF I COULD MARRY A WORD IT WOULD BE: Simplicity. Or, Details. They make all the difference.


I ADMIRE: People who love life and know how to live it.


I WISHED: The day had more hours and the week had more days.