Dear Client,

This page is for you. In order to make your branding or digital project unfold in a breeze, I put together this collection of online articles. They will shed some light on the design process, help you  communicate with your designer and get you in touch with other relevant resources for your endeavor. Happy reading!

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Junior vs. Senior Designer

There’s more than just a difference in $$ when it comes to choosing between a junior and a senior designer. And that difference is not always obvious for a client who only sees beautiful portfolios right left and center. Luckily Julie Zhuo put the topic into a humorous and very much to-the-point visual summary. Enjoy!

Relationship issues?

Let’s be honest: Working with a designer can be tricky. So why do some client-designer relationships work out much better than others? Seth Godin has some thoughts on this.



There are certain things you should NEVER say to your designer, including this sentence.. Why? Let Seth Godin tell you.

Checklist: Are you a good client?

Designers need good clients. And clients want to be good clients. Good clients get the best work. And the best work makes the best business. Number 17 Studio came up with a handy checklist to make sure you are on the right track.