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This page is for you. In order to make your branding or digital project unfold in a breeze, I put together this collection of online articles. They will shed some light on the design process, help you  communicate with your designer and get you in touch with other relevant resources for your endeavor. Happy reading!

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People who
speak branding

On Branding is an interview series dedicated to introduce you to some excellent brand creators, visionaries and experts. It’s a nice and ever-growing online playlist that you should definitely visit if you are about to set out on a (re-)branding endeavour. You can also read the transcript of each interview if you quickly want to scan through the topics.

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Product Photography

If you sell a product, professional photography is the key to reach your market and create a brand that rocks your buyer’s world. Vancouver-based design studio Also Known As has written a comprehensive article on how to choose the right photography style for your product and gathered some inspirational examples.




Business excites me. I love to work with startups as part of their creative process and eventually see how they make their mark. Kathryn Minshew from The Muse talks about the most common mistakes founders make when venturing out into the market. Definitely worth watching before and while you are making your business idea happen.

Simplicity equals clarity

I firmly believe in simplicity. It’s a sign of knowledge. Knowing your product, your business, your brand. It is and enables direct and unclouded communication with your audience. Joshua Brewer has put this into words better than I ever could.



Trademarks? Copyright? Registered designs? Patents? Intellectual property rights can be complicated. Samuel Jesse McCown explains what’s what. Make sure to also check out the Related Articles at the bottom of the post.